Friday, February 26, 2010

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Title: Dispatches From A Public Librarian
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Synopsis - from Barnes & Noble

Contains 34 dispatches of "Dispatches from a Public Librarian" from McSweeney's contributor, Scott Douglas. Also includes several other library themed essays.

Review: The Reliable Wife

Title: The Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
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This book was surprising to say the least. I had chosen it based on reading the first lines while checking out the Nook before buying it last week, and I hadn't heard from anyone else who'd read it at that point. 

It begins with an ad placed by a wealthy but very lonely man who is looking for a "reliable wife" with whom to share his life. Slowly as the story unfolds we realize that neither the man or his "reliable wife" are what they claim to be, and the past secrets haunt them always. 

Throughout the story, we learn that Ralph Truitt harbors deep convictions that connecting, both physically and psychologically, with a woman will damn him to hell and that a "poison" will kill everything he loves. This fear comes mainly from his mother's very strict and religious ways, but also in their realization in Ralph's own mind when his first child dies very young and his beautiful wife commits adultery and leaves him. He feels that his lust has caused each of these tragedies and has therefore denied himself the pleasure of more then basic human contact his entire adult life.

The highly introspective omniscient narrative encompasses all the characters' thoughts and feelings, leaving the reader with a very thorough view of this small town and its patron.

If you enjoyed the novel Saturday by Ian McEwan, with it deep level of detail and expansive view of a microcosmic event, you'll probably enjoy this novel as it employs a lot of the same tactics to bring the reader into the minutia and create from it the whole world.

If you're interested in this ebook, and have a Nook - leave a comment with your email, and a title you're willing to trade, and I'll send it your way!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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Title: The Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick
Source: Downloaded from B& 
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Synopsis - From Barnes & Noble
He placed a notice in a Chicago paper, an advertisement for "a reliable wife." She responded, saying that she was "a simple, honest woman." She was, of course, anything but honest, and the only simple thing about her was her single-minded determination to marry this man and then kill him, slowly and carefully, leaving her a wealthy widow, able to take care of the one she truly loved.

What Catherine Land did not realize was that the enigmatic and lonely Ralph Truitt had a plan of his own. And what neither anticipated was that they would fall so completely in love.

Filled with unforgettable characters, and shimmering with color and atmosphere, A Reliable Wife is an enthralling tale of love and madness, of longing and murder. 

Welcome to the Nookbrary!

I thought it would be a good idea to keep my postings specific to eBooks and my experiences with the Barnes & Noble Nook separate from my other blog postings. So, here we are!

I've had my Nook for a few days now, and I love it! I debated back and forth for quite awhile between the Nook and the Kindle, and (even after my boyfriend, his father and even my grandfather all bought Kindles) I decided to get the Nook primarily for the ability to use Overdrive, and the Lendme feature from Barnes & Noble. If anyone is interested in reading an ebook that I review here on their own Nook, please leave a comment and I'll lend it to you! (Provided it's available, of course).

I'll post a more in-depth review of my first experience with the Nook soon, but for now - Keep reading!