Thursday, October 28, 2010

Review: Shadow Bound

Title: Shadow Bound
Author: Erin Kellison
Source: downloaded from Barnes & Noble
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Synopsis from Barnes & Noble:
When a demon breaches the barrier between death and life, the salvation of the world depends on the passions of a beautiful banshee just coming into her power and the man willing to use her to avenge the destruction of his family.


This novel takes a different approach to the world of the fae and the relations between life and death, Heaven and the Underworld then I've seen used before. The frame story is that of the Shadowman - the Grim Reaper, Death himself - falling in love with a mortal woman. He knows this union is against all the rules, but his love for her makes him act against those conventions. The product of that union - which through her birth, ends up killing the mortal woman, completly denies Shadowman of his true desires - is a woman of both worlds with powers all her own to weild. Though she doesn't know it at first - Talia O'Brien has the ability to bend the boundaries between life and death and by doing so - change the rules by which Life and Death interact.

I really liked this book. It was a new take on some familiar themes in fantasy literature and a great introduction to this new author. It seems that this will also be the first book in a series, so I look forward to reading more!

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